Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Okay, as you can see from my last post I have a new Treo 700p that I purchased while I was in Dallas. I played around with uploading a photo directly from the phone and posting it to my blog which worked!

I spent the last two weeks in San Francisco and really enjoyed the nice weather out there. Today in Central Illinois I'm looking at 3 inches of snow right now. So I probably will not get a run in today so it was a good thing I got out yesterday.

Speaking of running, I got the Jabra BT8010 bluetooth stereo headset to see if I could go running and listen to my MP3s without a wire dangling from my head. The Treo 700p can output bluetooth (with the Softick Audio Gateway) in stereo. Sure enough, not only did this work but the headset stays on very nicely even while running. Okay, I'm probably not as fast as some of you folks but the headset stayed on my head.

I've also been using Treo Launcher http://palmgadget.com/lnchr.html which I am impressed with enough to seriously consider purchasing.

Another thing the Treo 700p can do is play movies. I have been using the At Large Recorder with my Slingplayer to record movies to watch on the airplane. But that has been a hassle as I have to then move the movie onto an SD card. I've since purchased a Neuros Recorder 2 http://store.treocentral.com/content/accessories/52-143--1262.htm which is actually a good deal if you get it with the SD card. I hooked it up to the DirecTV Tivo and recorded a couple of movies I had racked up in Tivo. Then I downloaded free, open source TCPMP and played the movies back! I also tried Kinoma (which a lot of sites recommend) but couldn't get it to find my movies on the SD card and not sure what I have to do to get it to work. Though Kinoma does have pretty cool Internet radio access that even works when I'm not in the Sprint Power Vision areas (older, slower Vision access).

Talk2Phone is the last application I've been playing with primarily because I can't get the default phone application to dial conference call numbers with passcodes. Seems the only way to do this is to set up speed dial numbers which is unworkable for me as the conf calls I dial into can number well over 10 a week and they are all different numbers.

All in all I'm very pleased with the Treo 700p. It is also nice to have eliminated carrying 3 different devices and pull some gadgets out of my laptop bag that I will no longer need.

Finally, if you haven't been looking IBM has pushed through $100/sh for the second time in the past couple of weeks. Good news for me!