Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Road warriors with skin conditions are the exception

Sorry, but being able to travel with only carry on luggage with the current liquid restrictions is impossible for those of us with psoriasis. Medicine like Chlobetasol which I carry in gel form because it lasts, well, forever doesn't come in 3 oz sizes and even if it did I wouldn't risk travelling with that little. I can be gone 3-4 weeks at a time (especially when I travel internationally) away from home so no matter what I need to check a bag. Besides the Chlobetasol I have t-gel shampoo which contains coal tar that helps relieve psoriasis outbreaks. There again since I may need to apply it to my body having only 3 oz (or 100 ml) of it is not safe for me.

I am a road warrior. American Airlines Executive Platinum with 1 million miles so I am also life time Gold and I'm working my way to 2 million miles and life time Platinum.

At least for me I don't have to pay the checked luggage fees, yet. American Airlines is not charging us with status on the frequent flier program with this fee.

I did at one point manage to get everything including all my liquids into a regular sized carry on bag. That was the same week that the liquid ban was instituted so I had to check my bag on the way home that week. I have not been able to travel since without checking a bag.

Practical Traveler - Air Travel - Checking Baggage? Not at These Prices - NYTimes.com
True road warriors never check a bag if they can help it, bragging about their ability to go more than a week with just three pairs of underwear and four pairs of socks.