Monday, April 10, 2017


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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I do not get stories like these. People who work in the intelligence community never reveal who they worked for. Even years after being in the community. There are crazy people out there who want to kill them. I have a hard time believing stories like these because either these people are idiots and never read the manuals or they are outright liars. I think more like liars than truth but who can fact check? No one who can post publicly.  At least not until we are dead or the 25 years has passed on our classification.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Impact of a certain class of work.

This links to an interesting video and article. And with the OPM breech... the story just gets worse.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Online bully William Senat exposed (he has since been kicked off Nextdoor along with MIchael Joson)

It is not often I have to deal with online bullies. However, my experience on nextdoor[dot]com has to be exposed for what it is, online bullying. This person lives on N Central Avenue in Indianapolis. To provide more context. Four of us who volunteered for the HMP neighborhood cleanup (out of the 100+ people who showed up) were assigned to clean up near 16th and Central ave. While we were cleaning apparently someone rang everyones doorbell at an apartment building. We were accused in an online discussion on nextdoor[dot]com and then I received the following private message through their site/app.

Fuck you asshole, he asked a simple question. When we looked out the window we saw the group cleaning and the guys ringing everybody's doorbell so we wanted to know if they were with you or not. You're the reason people hate this fucking app.
3 days ago

No. You are the reason people hate this app. Accusing us of disturbing you. Next time we won't clean your block so we are not accused of disturbing you.
3 days ago

Haha! If you really think having four people wander around for awhile is helping anything then you really are a dumbass. Instead of potentially befriending someone to help with your "cleaning" group, you decided to criticize and attack them because you think someone is accusing you. Paranoid much? It's a simple fucking question idiot, literally all you had to say was "No, they weren't with us. Would you like to help next time?" Instead, you decided to be an asshole. Go fuck yourself, moron.
3 days ago

It wasn't my group. And it was an accusation. Don't worry I won't be back to clean your block.
3 days ago

Oh no, how will I go on? You clean twice a year. Get off your high horse and stop being such a pretentious asshole and you might have a better turnout. Do you think every question you ever get asked is an accusation? You must be fun to be around.
3 days ago

Your foul language certainly says volumes about you.
3 days ago

I just wanted to make sure you understood my tone, since you seem to have a problem with that.
3 days ago

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
3 days ago

Oops, I slipped.
3 days ago

Sorry, did that offend you?
3 days ago

I hope you're ok.
3 days ago

I'm going to turn you off now William. Goodbye and good luck with whatever you were trying to accomplish with this pointless conversation.

After many emails with Nextdoor I finally submitted to having to report William Senat and Michael Joson for online bullying on the Nextdoor app. They then signed up at an address without an apartment number and I had to report them again. Finally they have been kicked off the site completely. Also, Michael Joson posted a comment to this site saying he was going to prosecute me. Continued persecution by an online bully? 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How not to provide customer service (aka airberlin)

I arrived Berlin TXL on Sunday for a 4 day conferences that started Monday.  I am speaking all four days of the conference.  I flew airBerlin (a oneWorld alliance member) connecting from American Airlines.

My luggage did not arrive.  I filled out the missing bag form and headed to the hotel.

Today it is Tuesday.  I haven't seen my luggage since I gave it over to the AA staff at BMI on Saturday morning.    Fortunately as an AA Executive Platinum I managed to put some crucial clothing into my carry-on bag.  However, it won't see me past today.  I am fortunate Hotel Berlin,Berlin has same day laundry service so I can do laundry in the morning and get it by the evening for my next day's presentation.

So far airBerlin has been able to give me no clue where my luggage is.  Every time I get someone from the hotel to call the telephone number I was given the response they get is "there is no information on bags from the United States".  Really?

My fear is what happens if my bag doesn't arrive?  I leave Friday morning (very early at 4am) to catch a 7am flight home via LHR and British Airways.  I have 3 very expensive, unworn suits in that suitcase.  I'm afraid I'll never get to wear them at this point.  And from other posts on facebook and  I fear that I may also not be compensated for my missing suitcase.

In over 20 years of flying I have never had such terrible customer service from an airline.  How airBerlin made it into the oneWorld alliance is simply beyond comprehension.

[Note:  The bag finally arrived on the 16th.  However, it was re-tagged and arrived DUS 14th and tagged to arrive TXL 15th but then had another "rush" tag put on for the 16th.  It could have been here yesterday and it wasn't. ]