Friday, April 28, 2006

Since my time on my runs fell to below 53 mins consistently for a couple of weeks I've bumped up my distance to get back to around 68 mins again. I found two variations to my route that keep me above 60 mins. One is a hill work out that really works my glutes. The other is more level but lets me go further distance wise. I'm not sure where I am at with my distances now but I'm fairly certain I'm going further than 5k at this point. But I am more concerned with the total time I'm running rather than distance. One of the guys at work said to get the Garmin watch for mapping where I go. I think that is interesting and will look into it. Right now I'm using a Polar HRM watch which has been how I've been making sure I'm doing the right level of exercise. Last week we ordered a pair of GAP jeans that were a size smaller than what I was wearing. They came and I put them on and lo and behold they fit and are loose! Way cool! So, since I started Singulair I have lost 8 inches off my waist and over 70 pounds. It'll be interesting to see some of my colleagues at the Las Vegas conference next week. I haven't seen some of them in over a year so they will be very surprised at how much smaller I am. Or at least I hope so. People have a tendency to not notice me much anyway lately...

I have time to do this post because I'm upgrading my Lotus Notes client on my laptop. I hope this doesn't fail on me. I did do an xcopy backup of my hard drive just in case. What I don't get is why the people who write these installers insist on having so many popups and inputs. This has been going on for over an hour now and the fact that I have had to click on buttons so many times is ridiculous. Who wants to sit here and stare at a screen? I certainly don't. I'm using my home computer anyhow so I shouldn't have to keep the laptop next to me while it is installing.

Some bad stuff happened in the office this week. Some of the folks I work with were mocking me. That made me feel pretty, pretty bad. So I turned in my badge to my client team and told them I wasn't going back. I'm not going to be treated like someones kicking post. My managers have not reacted well to this news. But I have been telling them since last December that things have been steadily going down hill and they did nothing. The handwriting was on the wall on this one. I was no longer in a leadership position and just like anyone else who is demoted people just did not see me as an authority figure but instead somone they can buck up against.

My virtual wall is looking pretty good. Check it out at

We had a friend of ours visit on Tuesday night. I went out and got some lobsters and steak and cooked out on the grill. Sandra set up her raclette though I did most of the prep work on the veg. It was a fun evening. Eddie certainly has a lot of great stories to tell from his days as a police man in England.

So it looks like I must have finished downloading the new notes client installer. Now I've typed my password in 2 times. What on earth for!? Great, "the installation of the Notes 7 mail template failed." ARGH I hope this doesn't leave me in email limbo now. Well, gotta go and take care of this.

Check out which I put on my machines here at home. It is great and creates really complex passwords like for your online banking site. Easy to use too!