Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today I did my 4 hill run. It takes me about 62 mins and takes me through 4 fairly long hills (as much as we can have a hill here in central Illinois). It was the 2nd time I've done this run. Although I got a bit of a later start than normally as I had to cook up spanakopita for Sandra's work lunch dish to bring in. So the sun was out and it started to get warm on the latter half of the run.

I've started to wear bandaids too. Turns out that either my longer running times or more sweat from the warmer weather or what I don't know. I find that a bandaid alone doesn't always stay on. Bandaid with one strip of waterproof tape also doesn't work well. But a bandaid with 2 strips of waterproof tape in the form of an X over the bandaid seems to work the best. I have yet to have a bandaid fall off with the X pattern.

I also bought a new pair of Asics gel 2110 shoes. I went to the running store here in town (Always Running or something like that). Best thing I could ever have done. Turns out I haven't been buying big enough running shoes. The ones the girl recommended are 10.5 wide and my runs have never been better. Apparently the foot swells quite a bit from running so having larger shoes gives them room to expand. I also like these shoes because they seem to breathe better. I can actually feel the air move between my toes while I'm running and my feet don't get as hot as they used too.

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