Monday, September 08, 2008

Finally we're getting somewhere

I think this is fabulous news. If we can finally prove there are dimensions outside of the 3rd then the next problem will be to figure out how to communicate with whatever it is over on the other side. Assuming there is anything over there to communicate with. Arguably there is because what is the point of having another dimension if nothing is in it? Although it could all just be inert but I'd argue the fact that we exist lends credibility that something alive is in the 4th or 5th dimension.

Although time itself is going to be a problem to get anything done. You see, though we live through multiple decades, centuries and millennium our existence in the other dimension is just a fleeting moment. By the time we get a communication out there we will have ceased to exist as our time will have passed. In fact, out time is so brief over there they may have not realize we existed before we are gone.

But at least we are starting to look.

Super-smasher targets massive mystery - LHC-
For years, string theorists have noted that their equations come out better if they assume that the universe has nine or 10 spatial dimensions instead of the three we can perceive. The LHC could provide the first evidence of those extra dimensions: Some theorists say the collisions could produce anomalously heavy particles, suggesting that part of their momentum was going into the extradimensional realm. Harvard physicist Lisa Randall estimates that the LHC could nail down the evidence for extra dimensions in five years.

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